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Nov. 30th, 2014 11:23 pm
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Name: Daimon
Contact: yazooairspace @ AIM, [ profile] yazooairspace
Other Characters: Luke fon Fabre

Character Name: Data-Riku (aka Jiminy's Journal)
Age: physically 15-16
Canon: Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded
Canon Point: After revealing the data version of Castle Oblivion
Character Information: Data Riku wiki page

Personality: For starters, while Data-Riku is, as his name implies, a data copy of the real Riku and is thus physically identical to a 15-year-old Riku. His personality is very similiar to the real Riku’s, but as his avatar is based off of data not taken directly from Riku himself, his personality is not the same.

Data-Riku is calm and collected, though nearly to the point of emotionless. He’s entirely capable of expressions and emotions, showing worry concern when he encounters a problem he isn’t sure how to solve, or expressing surprise when...well, surprised, but for the most part, his demeanor is very subdued. However, he doesn’t seem to possess much of a competitive streak or arrogance, though he seems to have a fair bit of curiosity for the world and people in it, demonstrated by his mission to figure out what Naminé's message meant.

He tends to be very formal and technical in his speech, most likely because of his status as part of Mickey’s computer, and seems to have trouble when it comes to idioms and non-literal speech. Not to the point that he takes everything at face value, he’ll sometimes miss a joke or take what’s said too literally. He's generally not difficult to understand, unless he gets carried away with a technical explanation, wherein his speech will become more and more computer jargon.

Due to being part of a computer and because the main point of his existence is to serve as the container that holds the entire digital contents of Jiminy’s journal, he feels like he’s responsible for anything that happens to said contents, good or bad. He takes that job very seriously and is very quick to take the blame for the bad stuff, berating himself for letting it happen, and very quick to apologize. In fact, at one point, he’s called out on his self-deprecation and told to stop apologizing because things really aren’t his fault and also it’s obnoxious.

To which he attempts to apologize again.

Because he feels responsible for all that stuff, he also tends to feel like he’s the one that has to fix the problems however he can. This is a trait the real Riku possesses, but unlike Riku, Data-Riku doesn’t hesitate to accept outside help at the first chance he gets. For example, he took the opportunity to pull Mickey, Donald, and Goofy into the computer world as soon as it presented itself and set about helping Sora figure out what to do as soon as he could. Unfortunately, he's also quick to accept the first solution to a problem, even if it's not the best one, such as a complete lockdown on all the journal data because of a security breach, or attempting to sacrifice himself to take down a tough bug in the programming.

And then he apologized for speaking to Sora in cryptic riddles and also pulling real beings into the datascape without their permission.

In addition to feeling responsible for all the journal data, he's also very protective of it. He's technically part of the data himself, (or at least his vessel; the actual line between 'data Riku' and 'journal' is blurry at best) it's in his best interest to protect it from deletion, corruption, or other mishaps. This includes the people inside, whether he's met them or not. He's probably also protective of the real-world versions of those people by extension.

This extends to villains as well. He doesn't seem to care too much about what the respective villains of the worlds do regarding their personal lives, possibly because he believes that as pre-written data versions, they can't do more than their own individual programming (or his intervention) allows them to do, so he lets them do their thing. He sees Maleficent and Pete as a threat because they're outsiders and also intend to do damage to the program. But the only action he actually takes against them is defensive, sending Sora to do the heavy lifting and simply restricting their access to as much data as he possibly can.

Speaking of Sora, it's implied that he trusts Sora more than anyone else. He (at least as 'Riku') considers Sora his friend and generally defers to Sora's judgement for most problems, unless the problems are out of Sora's realm of knowledge (locked files/sectors/computer junk). He also believes that Sora's capable of getting much stronger than he is at any given time and pushes and encourages him to do so. Most of this relationship with Sora comes from his data-vessel's relationship with Sora, but it's worth pointing out, as he doesn't seem to be 'friends' with anyone else besides Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy. He does mention the other children living on Destiny Islands, but in a slightly disconnected way, as if they're more friends of Sora and not of him.

He's never shown actually meeting Naminé, but likely knows who she is, as a copy of her exists on a separate partition. It's also likely that he's able to piece together that the unusual messages plus her appearance (something that wasn't originally there and he didn't know about her previously) would mean that she had something to do with it.

As part of a computer, Data Riku doesn't know much about anything that isn't either how a computer works or what data he has to work with uploaded from the paper journal. Which is actually a fair bit, as the writer of the journal is supposedly very thorough in his notes, but which also might not even be 100% correct, due to not experiencing everything at all points in time. He knows the basics of human interaction and sword-fighting, but details like illness, injury, most negative emotions, and human biology are things he doesn't quite understand.

He doesn't have much in the way of hobbies, and his main goal in life is to keep what he's been entrusted with safe. This is relatively easy, as the data world is relatively enclosed and simple to protect--keep the necessary things inside, keep the bad stuff out. However, he is curious about the worlds outside of the computer, as both he and the data version of Sora seem interested in meeting their 'real' counterparts. If given the chance, it's entirely possible that Data Riku would attempt to go out into the real world to check it out, or at least request more journals be uploaded so that he can experience new worlds. This isn't explicitly shown, but judging from his reaction to having access to a bunch of new data (stuff that Naminé added), he enjoys discovering things.

He's entirely likely to do stupid things in the name of science research.

5-10 Key Character Traits: even-tempered, responsible, formal, calm, protective, apologetic, curious
Would you prefer a monster that FITS your character’s personality, CONFLICTS with it, or EITHER? Either!
Opt-Outs: Wendigo, Nymph, Goblin, Troll, Arachne

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